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september 07, 2015 - LG

LG unveils home entertainment strategy at IFA 2015

Speaking at a roundtable at #IFA2015 in Berlin, a top official of #LG Electronics (LG) revealed the company’s plan to sell five times as many OLED TVs as it did in the first half with the aim of making #lg OLED the new standard of #tv by the end of the year.

With a goal of selling more than one #lg OLED #tv per minute, Brian Kwon, executive vice president and CEO of LG’s Home Entertainment Company, cited four overarching marketing directions designed to solidify LG’s leadership role in the home entertainment market: (1) leading the global OLED #tv Market with an expanded OLED #tv lineup, (2) conducting enhanced marketing campaigns to expand OLED TV’s market penetration, (3) strengthening its dominant position in the smart #tv platform business and (4) enhancing profitability in the audio video product segment.

Expanded OLED #tv Lineup

With the world’s first high dynamic range (HDR)-enabled 4K OLED TV, #lg will incorporate HDR technology in more of its OLED #tv lineup. Its 4K OLED #tv is expected to attract new customers with its impressive #design which measures only 4.8mm at its slimmest point. With a host of new functions, #design features and display formats, #lg will provide a wider selection of OLED TVs to suit the tastes of different customers. #lg is confident that the announcement of OLED #tv products from other manufacturers will accelerate the adoption of OLED #tv by more and more consumers and expand the segment within the #tv market.

Enhanced Marketing Campaigns

The company will invest in a variety of marketing campaigns to increase international

sales of its OLED TVs with product introduction tours and OLED displays at major airports in the world. #lg is confident that strong reviews of #lg OLED TVs from product testing organizations and media outlets will drive more interest in consumers. One US publication recently named LG’s OLED #tv as this year’s best #tv and LG’s model 65EG9600 was recognized as the “King of TV” by electronics distributor Value Electronics.

Strengthening Smart #tv Platform Business

LG will continue to expand its webOS platform with more smart #tv content from partners such as Netflix and YouTube, movies from local content suppliers and a range of new applications. The company will kick off an HDR content streaming service for webOS 2.0-enabled smart #tv users in partnership with Amazon and roll out its Value Pack Upgrade for webOS 1.0 users which includes free features available in webOS 2.0.

Enhancing Profitability in Audio-Video

LG aims to enhance its profitability in the monitor, digital signage and audio-video business. With an unparalleled digital signage product lineup with ultra-thin displays with the world's slimmest bezel to bezel #design of less than 2mm, #lg hopes to secure its reputation as a provider of premium display solutions. The company will also aggressively push its high-end monitor products such as the 21:9 flat and curved monitors with 4K resolution. #lg will expand its Bluetooth audio products with a lineup that adds to the curved sound bar and portable speakers announced leading up to IFA 2015. 

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