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maggio 31, 2016 - NASA

Mark Zuckerberg to Connect with Space Station Astronauts via Facebook Live

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Mark Zuckerberg, #facebook founder and chief executive officer, will speak with three astronauts currently living and working aboard the #internationalspacestation at 12:55 p.m. EDT Wednesday, June 1. The Earth-to-space call will be seen live on NASA’s #facebook page.

During the 20-minute #facebook Live video call with #nasa astronauts Tim Kopra and Jeff Williams, and ESA’s (European Space Agency’s) Tim Peake, Zuckerberg will ask questions submitted on NASA’s #facebook page. To ask a question and watch the call, visit NASA’s #facebook page at:


The #internationalspacestation serves as the world's leading laboratory for conducting cutting-edge microgravity research, and is the primary platform for technology development and testing in space to enable human and robotic exploration of destinations beyond low-Earth orbit, including asteroids and Mars.

For more information about the crew and research on the #internationalspacestation, visit:


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