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dicembre 19, 2016 - BMW

BMW presents “Visionary” – a Google Spotlight Story. As first automotive brand, BMW is using a new and innovative virtual reality technology for an unprecedented way of storytelling

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As the first automotive brand worldwide, #bmw is using Google Spotlight Stories technology for an innovative way of storytelling, creating a 360° interactive virtual reality brand experience that is broadcasted via YouTube. “Visionary” offers a unique, immersive experience of the #bmw VISION NEXT 100 – the concept study developed for BMW’s centenary in 2016. Click on the link below to watch “Visionary”, which is now available on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vNjE4CeCuXU (full interactivity: YouTube app Android & Google Spotlight Stories app iOS and Android) 

Through Google Spotlight Stories, #bmw allows automotive and technology fans to interactively explore the #bmw VISION NEXT 100 in a spectacular combination of aesthetic product presentation and sophisticated mobile virtual reality. The basis is a 360° video staging, which is extended through interactive elements. From now on, users can dip into this experience via the YouTube app on android devices, as well as through the Google Spotlight Stories app for iOS and Android operating systems.

Visionary (full interactivity: YouTube app Android & Google Spotlight Stories app iOS and Android)

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