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Fleetboard – driving logistics forward

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  • Data diversity and technologies offer new opportunities to increase the profitability of the logistics industry significantly
  • Fleetboard has innovative digital solutions
  • Microsoft cloud platform Azure will in future provide the infrastructure for all Fleetboard services and solutions
  • Cooperation with HERE since Fleetboard was established in 2000
  • New ways of working and cooperation for the future of logistics
  • Fleetboard Store for apps designed as an open platform with tailored solutions 

Munich - digitalisation, big data, cloud solutions, IoT (Internet of Things) and Artificial Intelligence – all influential concepts with long-term impact on the ongoing process of transformation in the logistics industry. On top of these there are new working methods such as Scrum, design thinking, modern communities such as innovation hubs and start-ups – likewise topics with which anyone involved in the logistics industry is increasingly having to learn to deal with. Seldom before was there ever a topic that has concerned and influenced the whole industry to such an extent whilst at the same time making new solutions to the daily challenges of the logistics industry possible. From the wealth of very different apps on offer for comprehensive logistic systems, transport companies must now choose the solution most suited to them. The solution that meets their specific requirements, can be integrated seamlessly into their existing IT system and offers economic additional value.

Fleetboard – driving logistics forward

Since its beginnings in the year 2000 Fleetboard has been committed to the continuous innovation of the industry; the developed services are the answers to the challenges of the logistic industry. Fleetboard faces these over and over again and continuously develops its products further to meet the requirements of customers. Whatever challenge the future may bring, Fleetboard develops a suitable solution.

For Fleetboard, digitalisation and Scrum are not today's buzzwords, but the basis for wide-reaching solutions with which Fleetboard has been setting standards throughout the telematics industry. Over the years Fleetboard has developed to become one of the world's most successful and innovative providers in this field. Big data, IoT, cloud solutions and Artificial Intelligence are now also part of the portfolio, and will allow the development of new specific business ideas and models in the future, too. Fleetboard uses these technologies to the full, in order to provide its customers with solutions for the daily challenges in the logistics industry.

"Fleetboard's aspiration is not simply to continue constantly improving its existing products for its customers, but also to develop new solutions for our customers quickly and effectively," says Dr Daniela Gerd tom Markotten, Managing Director of #daimler Fleetboard GmbH. "In order to be able to offer a diversified service portfolio, we were and still are open to partnerships with existing and new partners."

Particularly when it comes to linking companies who are already active in the logistics sector with companies who are new to this field and start-ups, there is a lot of as yet unexplored potential. Fleetboard taps this to identify products along the whole logistics chain and incorporate specifically into the development of new products.

"In future, Fleetboard will provide far more than telematics solutions. Fleetboard will be the provider of digital solutions for the whole logistics industry. The added value for our customers is the priority here," says so Gerd tom Markotten. In order that new ideas become specific innovations even more quickly, the start-up mentality practised by Fleetboard for many years already will be enhanced by the Fleetboard Innovation Hub in Berlin.

Telematics as the basis

When Fleetboard was first introduced to the general public in 2000, the availability of data and the digital infrastructure were very much in their infancy: the standard used for data communication from and to a #truck was the SMS text-messaging channel of the GSM network. The vehicle's location could be pinpointed to within a few meters - courtesy of the 24 satellites of the US GPS system. The speed of technological progress increased exponentially over the years. Fleetboard used the extended possibilities, advanced the development of new standards in the industry significantly and kept improving its range of services.

Today Fleetboard records a wealth of vehicle status, tour and position data and sends it by mobile phone to the relevant company. A comprehensive range of modularly designed services relating to fleet, order and driver management, which customers can combine according to their specific needs are offered.


Digitalisation, big data, cloud solutions, IoT and Artificial Intelligence, coupled with Scrum, design thinking, innovation hubs and new partners, form the basis for further solutions and services that will bring tangible benefits for the logistics sector, thereby offering new chances and opportunities. Fleetboard is set to exploit all of these in order to bring its customers demonstrable added value and benefit through specific networking opportunities. The aim is to support the logistics processes as far as possible with digital solutions and to increase the profitability of all the protagonists within the logistic industry. And then, one day, the vision of the future, "seamless transportation", will become reality: the all-encompassing networking of every aspect of traffic flow and the various parties involved in the provision of transport.

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