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giugno 08, 2017 - Bosch

Switzerland is home to what may be the world’s smartest freight trains

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Bosch is putting its connectivity solution for rail freight transport into large-scale production

  • Bosch supplies the connectivity system for SBB Cargo’s fleet of freight cars
  • Smart freight cars know where they are, as well as their condition and that of their load, and monitor safety-critical components
  • Connected freight transport is necessary for efficient logistics processes
  • Next step: Assisted switching

Abstatt, Germany and Olten, Switzerland – Creaky, rusty, and heavily laden: this is what most people picture when they think of rail freight. Few associate it with cutting-edge technology. Yet soon, Switzerland’s SBB Cargo railway company will have what are probably the smartest freight cars in the world. The cars get their newfound intelligence from a #bosch connectivity system. Now, following a year and a half of joint development and more than ten million test kilometers, the system is going into large-scale production. The cars themselves know when they arrive at their destination and can determine whether or not the cold chain has been maintained. They can also send information about when they will next require maintenance. By the end of 2018, a total of 2,000 smart SBB Cargo freight cars will be traveling Europe’s railways equipped with #bosch sensors, software, and services. “Bosch technology ensures that freight cars are moving not only on the rails, but also through the internet. The smart monitoring of cars and freight smooths the way for transparency and more efficient logistics processes,” says Dr. Frank Schmidt, executive vice president engineering at #bosch Engineering GmbH. For SBB Cargo, the new system represents an important step towards the future of the freight railway company. “By digitalizing rail freight transport, we are making great strides in efficiency and productivity, and are supplying our customers with a new level of added value. As a result, we are making transport by rail more attractive,” says Nicolas Perrin, CEO of SBB Cargo.

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