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luglio 20, 2017 - Nike

The Nike app is now available in Europe

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Nike Plus membership gives you the opportunity to use the Nike App to access exclusive reserved experiences, expert services and the latest #nike products — personalized to you.

Now available in six European nations, the #nike App offers a whole new set of regional benefits: Members in London might experience inside access to the city's top football clubs on match day, while members in Paris could get styling tips from top editors. A runner in Berlin may earn reserved #product, and Amsterdam football players could gain free custom boot embroidery. The #app will also unlock training content from the continent’s top athletes, as well as exclusive #product drops and rewards. 

The #nike #app is now available for both Android and iOS in France, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Spain and the United Kingdom.

For more information and to download the #nike #app, go here

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