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april 22, 2016 - Kundalini

Kundalini's 2016 news


Design: Alberto Saggia & Valerio Sommella, 2016

Kushi, from the Japanese "skewer", is a tribute to light, #design, food. A tribute, then, to the Made in Italy. A collection of lamps with round shape and apparently soft and fluffy, almost organic, pierced from side to side by a thin rod, a collection that evokes distant and family memories: a skewer precisely, a marshmallow, a candied apple...

A collection of lamps in which there are two pure and antithetical elements, both in form and in substance. So the metal, rigid, cold and material rod is opposed to the velvety softness of the curves of the blown etched glass diffuser, coexisting in the same space, in continuous and mutual relationship, to create a collection of lamps formally very simple, but with a strong personality. The new floor lamp completes the collection and meets any demand fitting perfectly with elegance and brightness any space.

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