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march 20, 2017

Modular Lighting Instruments offers the power of connected lighting

Modular Lighting Instruments is the first architectural lighting manufacturer to create a connected portfolio. So grab your smartphone and embrace the power of connected lighting—a simple yet ingenious solution for every environment in which ambiance, smart lighting and additional comfort are welcome. 
The time when your only option was to switch your lighting either on or off is firmly a thing of the past. Modular Lighting Instruments has created a connected portfolio, which gives you lighting that you can easily control and adjust according to taste via your smart devices. 
Installation without renovation
To integrate home automation systems that connect lights, the thermostat, security cameras and blinds to one another in an existing environment, without extensive renovation work, would require a huge investment. But the great advantage of Modular’s connected lighting is that can be installed without recourse to a circular saw.
Modular Lighting Instruments is part of the ‘Friends of Hue’ partnership with Philips. This technology has now been in existence for four years. The system consists of light sources with a transmitter and a ‘bridge’ that you connect to your internet router. The bridge ensures that you can control the lighting via Wi-Fi—either with a smart device using the accompanying Phillips Hue app, or with Phillips Hue switches. 
Modular's own component 
Modular has developed the Modular- connected 1-10V white component to connect with the bridge. One of the advantages of this component is that it enables you to arrange your light sources into groups of up to ten. Whilst a Philips Hue bridge can normally operate up to 50 Philips Hue products, Modular technology increases this to up to 500.
Currently around 75% of the Modular portfolio can be connected. 
Compatible with other smart systems
Because more and more smart appliances, all of which have their own controls, are entering our homes, Philips Hue also connects to a number of big players under the ‘Friends of Hue’ name. For example, Philips Hue is also compatible with the Nest thermostat, Apple Homekit, Siri voice technology and Logitech Harmony. Thus Philips Hue offers a wide range of expansion options. 

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