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april 04, 2018 - Bosch

New Bosch snap ring tool for tasks related to common rail injectors

At several common rail systems, the injectors are installed into sleeves. In this manner, they are detached from the cylinder head. Installed onto the injector, a snap ring pushes against this sleeve from the inside thus keeping the injector in position. In case an injector is to be removed for inspection or because it is defective, this sleeve is removed as well. At the disassembly, the snap ring is usually bent and has to be replaced. A new Bosch tool set now allows safe disassembly and assembly of the snap ring within seconds. Even replacement injectors installed in exchange for defective common rail injectors often come without sleeve. In these cases, the sleeve is to be disassembled first in order to install it onto the replacement injector. The sleeve is then fitted by means of a new snap ring which can easily be installed using the snap ring tool.

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