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The new mobility service SSB Flex to launch in Stuttgart on June 1, 2018

SSB will launch its new service on June 1, 2018: #ssb Flex will pool similar journey requests in three areas to provide additional, more flexible journey options in certain high-traffic areas or at specific times in order to supplement the existing transportation services offered.

The #ssb Flex mobility service gives customers a flexible, on-demand and tailored way to book journeys using the #ssb Flex app. #ssb Flex is the first on-demand service in Germany approved by the #Stuttgart Regional Council as a regular passenger service under the German Passenger Transportation Act (Personenbeförderungsgesetz – PBefG). “It’s important for the city to try out new forms of networked and multimodal mobility, also in the interest of the ‘Sustainable mobility in Stuttgart’ action plan. I’m confident that #ssb Flex will be a real win for sustainable mobility for the people of #Stuttgart,” states Dr. Michael Münter, Head of Strategic Planning and Sustainable Mobility for the City of #Stuttgart. The service: as user-friendly as possible #ssb Flex will be offered from Monday to Saturday from 6 a.m. to 9 p.m. and also from Thursday to Saturday from 9 p.m. to 2 a.m. the following day in large sections of Bad Cannstatt and Degerloch. Both service areas are currently underserved in parts by the local public transportation network. #ssb Flex will also be available in the #Stuttgart city center every Thursday to Saturday from 9 p.m. to 2 a.m. the following day. These are times when trains, buses, and trams run less frequently in the city center.

For this reason, #ssb will offer #ssb Flex as a supplemental mode of public transportation in what are known as transportation “blank spots” and during off-peak times. Wolfgang Arnold, Chief Technical Officer and spokesperson for Stuttgarter Straßenbahnen, explains: “We want to complement our existing bus and train service with flexible, customer-oriented solutions. We can then fill the gaps, both in time and location. The goal is to have ever more citizens choosing public transportation.” #ssb will be deploying a fleet of 10 vehicles. The fleet is made up of 10 Mercedes-Benz V-Class sedans with five seats in the rear and 2 Mercedes-Benz B-Class vehicles with electric drive and three seats in the rear. All of the vehicles are clearly labeled with the yellow and white #ssb Flex logo.

SSB vehicle drivers are either specially trained Flex drivers or #ssb bus drivers who have received additional training. Anyone can use #ssb Flex: they simply need to download the #ssb Flex app from the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store onto their smartphone. Customers can save their personal information andpayment details in the app. Flex trips can be paid via the app with a credit card or PayPal. When a customer uses the #ssb Flex app, the app locates the passenger and shows them possible connections to their destination.

Alongside #ssb Flex, the app also includes possible connections with the other means of public transportation in the VVS area, which allows it to show the user all possible combinations together with the cost of each and the estimated timing. The passenger has a minute to choose their preferred option (the app displays the elapsing time) and purchase their ticket for the journey with #ssb using the #ssb Flex app.

After booking, the app shows the passengers where the Flex vehicle will pick them up and how they can get there quickly on foot. After the booking procedure, the app shows the license plate number of the vehicle booked. The driver of the Flex vehicle also receives the information of how to reach the pickup point, the customer name, and how many passengers will be waiting there. The Flex vehicle arrives, the passengers board, then disembark at the predetermined drop-off point close to their destination. If passengers are already sharing the trip or more passengers register while under way, further stops will be added or the route adjusted. The fare is paid via the #ssb Flex app. #ssb Flex thus offers additional intermodal trips in #Stuttgart on the basis of the multimodal app. Passengers can use #ssb Flex to reach the nearest public transportation stop easily, to avoid an interchange, or to take a more direct or earlier journey.

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