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february 04, 2019 - Puma

Puma introduces self-lacing training shoe fit intelligence

 “As a global investor in wearable technologies, I know how hard it is to get a product like Fi right and after my first week with the shoes, it’s clear that #puma is taking this platform very seriously and I’m impressed”, said Bay McLaughlin.

To be able to fully adapt to our consumers’ needs, #puma – for the first time ever - will allow tech-savvy people to participate in beta testing of Fi to help the Brand think of ways of making it even smarter and more powerful. “Fi is a platform that can be used for many different things. We want to learn what those things are from people who have experienced it,” said Charles Johnson. The testers will be able to give feedback on the usability, design, engineering, and wearability of the shoe. Through this, #puma is able to work hand in hand with its consumers to create the best smart fitting product in the market.

Anyone can sign up for the Fi Beta Test program through PUMATRAC, PUMAs training app which is available on the App Store and on Google Play. People will get the opportunity to register for the program, start a workout, go for a run or connect with friends. #puma will announce on PUMATrac and its website when and how to sign up.

The Fi training shoe will be available for consumers in 2020