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april 26, 2019 - Vibia

VIBIA - Plusminus, Designed by Stefan Diez

A collection of lights that is as innovative as it is versatile. Designer #stefandiez was inspired by the simple strap that holds luggage in place on a car roof rack or a bicycle carrier to create #plusminus. A ground breaking collection that utilises the properties of a textile strap in combination with the various light shades of the collection to generate different lighting models and moods. From taught to slack the strap which is both the support system and the electrical conduit traces different configurations in the air that together with the shades generate bespoke sculptural lighting installations. To achieve the successful technical resolution of the system Diez worked with a Berlin based institute in order to come up with a textile strap that would allow the conduit of an electrical current through its entire length. This strap is then used in different ways to attach the various light sources of the collection to bring light wherever it is required.