july 20, 2021 - Cosmocover

Death's Door Opens for Xbox Series X/S and PC Today!

-Hard work never killed anybody, but why take a chance? -
Grim reapers Acid Nerve (Titan Souls) and soulless publisher Devolver Digital have disobeyed their parents and opened Death's Door , unleashing the off-beat action-adventure onto unsuspecting #xbox Series X/S and #pc owners today! 

Death's Door marks the long-awaited return of Titan Souls developers Acid Nerve and thrusts players into a quirky and curious world where Crows are in charge of collecting the souls of the dead.

"We can rebuild them. We have the #technology. We can make them better than they were. Better, stronger, faster. And hopefully more profitable," remarked Devolver Digital CFO #forkparker.

Explore a land full of twisted inhabitants and countless secrets, bringing hope to the weird and wonderful characters you'll meet along the way. Wield and upgrade melee weapons, arrows and magic as you track down and defeat colossal tyrants with stories and motivations of their own.