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maggio 03, 2016 - Foliatec

FOLIATEC®.com’s new commercial “Revenge is Sweet”

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Film specialist FOLIATEC®.com experienced a touch of Hollywood when shooting its new commercial in Nuremberg and the Carbody Spray Film and Spray System played the starring role for two days. A crew of 15 saw to the right conditions in front of and behind the camera. The final result was about 500GB of raw footage, shot with an Arri Alexa Mini. In film metres, this would amount to 1200.

This sounds as if it were a lot but if you look into the storyboard you can see that it does indeed consist of 25 individual FOLIATEC.com scenes. Brilliant cars, a superb scenery, a girl and a boy and a lot of emotions – that is all we want to reveal for now of this most entertaining commercial. From Take 1, “car enters”, to spraying on the Carbody Spray Film and its easy removal: the film focuses upon this high-quality product and what it can do.

“It was really great, with TVF Media, Kristina and Patrick as actors, and all the others involved. We really made a fine film about our FOLIATEC®.com Carbody Spray Film and showed that revenge can indeed be sweet. The film can be viewed on DMAX from 28 April,” says a pleased Michael Scherzer, a member of the FOLIATEC®.com management.

By re-spraying your car, you can also find your non-permanent personal style. Twelve colours are available now. BE DIffERENT with FOLIATEC®.com.

Available colours in the FOLIATEC®.com Carbody Spray Film range:

black, white (all matt) / transparent, white (all glossy) / gunmetal grey, frozen blue, racing red, mustard green, finest copper, urban silver, frozen brown, laguna blue (all metallic matt) / magic green-purple  (Colour Change)

You will find even more inspiration and product information on www.foliatec.com and www.facebook.com/FOLIATEC Moreover check out www.instagram.com/official_foliatec and our YouTube channel: www.youtube.com/foliatec01

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