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agosto 22, 2016 - Sennheiser

Sennheiser unleashes new worlds of audio performance at Gamescom 2016

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Elite eSports competitors and gaming enthusiasts level-up their sound #sennheiser unleashes new worlds of #audio performance at Gamescom 2016

At Gamescom 2016, held from August 17-21 in #cologne, Germany, #sennheiser will be unveiling a range of new gaming products dedicated to superior gaming sound. The #audio specialist is launching the GSX 1000 and #gsx1200pro #audio amplifiers for PC and Mac – the very first to feature an advanced 7.1 algorithm developed by #sennheiser with the needs of core gamers in mind. It is Surround Sound reborn – the ultimate positional gaming #audio, with incredibly precise spatial awareness for the most thrilling immersive experience. #sennheiser is also launching the #gsp300, the first #product to be introduced from a new range of gaming headsets. The closed acoustic headset features Sennheiser’s new design style and brings exceptionally realistic sound quality and best-in-class comfort.

“We’re very excited to be bringing a new range of products to Gamescom that reflects Sennheiser’s deep commitment to gaming,” said Tim Völker, Director Sales & Marketing Gaming at #sennheiser Communications A/S. “From the #gsx1200pro amplifier that’s designed specifically for eSports tournaments to the #gsp300 headset that offers a significant step up for gamers, we are making gaming more immersive through superior sound.”

The new GSX 1000 and 1200 PRO #audio amplifiers feature Sennheiser’s new Binaural Rendering Engine to create exceptionally immersive Surround Sound. Designed specifically around the needs of core gamers, the advanced 7.1 Surround Algorithm from #sennheiser offers exceptionally accurate positional sound to give gamers a competitive edge when playing at the limits.

The #audio amplifiers are powered by dedicated DAC (Digital to Analog Converter) chips that require no additional drivers, ensuring the ultimate ease of use – even when mid-game. There’s no need to tab out of the game into onscreen software as the GSX 1000 and #gsx1200pro handle all sound processing on their internal chipsets rather on the computer’s CPU.

Angled for easy visibility when gaming by an integrated kickstand, the LED lit displays of the GSX 1000 and #gsx1200pro take inspiration from the instrumentation on performance cars and fighter planes – giving fast immediate information and allowing players to rapidly adjust sound on the fly. Featuring red on black LED-lit touch panel displays surrounded by a durable aluminum volume wheel, the new #audio amplifiers radiate a sense of potency, purpose and total focus on the gaming experience. The displays even dim down when not in use to cut the distractions and brighten again the instant your hand is nearby.

The amplifiers provide double USB Enumeration to separate game and communication #audio, and to give precise separate control of each of these elements of the sound experience. As well as a range of EQ settings, users can set Reverberation levels to change the feeling of the virtual room they are playing in. For improved comfort during team communication, Side Tone adjustment makes it easy to change how loud one’s own voice sounds. Toggling swiftly between headset and speaker sound is also possible at a touch, so there’s no need to unplug cables.

The #gsx1200pro has been created by #sennheiser specifically for professional gamers. It adds features such as Chat Link, which makes it possible to connect up to 8 GSX 1200 PRO's together for hard-wired lag-free communication. This professional model also allows control of inbound and outbound chat, with an advanced noise reduction feature that is optimized for headsets such as Sennheiser’s GAME ZERO to deliver crystal clear in-game communication.

The new #gsp300 headset for PC, Mac, PS4™ and Xbox One is the first #product in Sennheiser’s new gaming range and offers gamers a way to step up to a superior class of #audio. Featuring memory foam ear pads, the #gsp300 provides a best-in-class acoustic seal that allows for total focus on the game, without interruption from outside noise. They are based on extensive research into the ergonomics of the human ear to provide the highest possible quality of sound and comfort for prolonged play, regardless if you play for an hour or an eight-hour marathon session. And for the ultimate team performance, the #gsp300 is equipped with a broadcast quality noise-cancelling microphone that helps minimize background noise for clearer team communications.

To ensure total comfort even over longer sessions, the aviation-inspired split headband reduces pressure, while a clever ball-joint hinge makes it easy to perfectly angle the speakers to suit your face shape.

“The #gsp300 is the first headset to introduce an exciting new style to our gaming range,” explains Andreas Jessen, #product Manager Gaming, #sennheiser Communications A/S. “This pure design philosophy starts with a single-minded focus on supporting the gamer, blending rugged durable design with the features and performance that gamers have come to expect from #sennheiser. The #gsp300 delivers a significant upgrade to your #audio, and lets you hear the game as it was intended.”

With intuitive, easy to use controls, the #gsp300 helps to minimize distractions and lets players quickly adjust game and communication #audio even in the heat of the action. The volume control on right ear cup makes on-the-fly adjustments effortless, while the microphone can be muted in an instant by simply raising the boom arm.

As with the GSX 1000 and #gsx1200pro, the #gsp300 has been built to provide all the essential needs for gaming sessions, thanks to high quality materials and extensive testing to guarantee long-term durability. As all #sennheiser products, they are all built to last and come with a two-year worldwide warranty.

All products are available from the end of September 2016. The recommended retail prices are 99€ (GSP 300), 229€ (GSX 1000) and 249€ (GSX 1200 PRO) respectively.

Visit us at Gamescom 2016 from August 17-21 to learn more about our new gaming products. The #sennheiser booth will be located in Hall 5.1, booth 020. A second #sennheiser booth can be found within reach of the ESL Arena in Hall 9.1, booth 050a.

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