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settembre 12, 2016 - Bosch

Security in Full HD – the Bosch Smart Home 360° Indoor Camera

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What is happening at home while you are away on vacation?
What is your pet doing? Is it possible to check on your family even when you are out? The #bosch Smart Home 360° Indoor Camera ensures all-around protection for your home that you can monitor anytime and from anywhere.
Local, encrypted recording sees to it that all relevant events are captured by the system – unless you choose otherwise: to protect your privacy, the 360° Indoor Camera has a retractable camera lens. When retracted, it is physically incapable of recording. You can switch the camera lens to privacy mode either by tapping the top of the device with your finger or by using the #bosch Smart Cameras app. If you activate the camera remotely over the app, it blinks and beeps to warn you that it is in use, avoiding unwanted surprises without making you feel you are being watched. An integrated intercom (microphone and speaker) allows two-way communication with anyone in range of the camera simply over the app. This function is deactivated in privacy mode.

A secure home

Thanks to the swiveling motorized camera head, the 360° Indoor Camera captures events throughout the entire room. It can be activated either intentionally by using the app on your mobile device, or automatically by motion sensors. Through intelligent linking of the motion sensors combined with image analysis, background movement (such as trees swaying in the wind) does not trigger the camera. This significantly reduces the number of false alarms. When the camera detects motion in the room, it automatically records events and forwards them to your smartphone. You can access the recordings and live images from anywhere in the world. Recorded, encrypted videos are stored on the SD card and can be watched only by you. The system also caches recordings in the #bosch cloud in case the camera is temporarily inaccessible or stolen.

High quality and straightforward processes

The 360° Indoor Camera features 1080p Full HD video quality with a wide-angle lens, enabling you to easily identify people and events captured by the system in live or playback mode. Thanks to the integrated infrared illumination, it also has a night vision feature.
Setting up the 360° Indoor Camera is quick and easy. It can be installed and connected up to the WiFi in a matter of minutes: simply connect the camera to the power supply using the power adapter and network cable. The app guides you through the simple configuration process. It will generate a one-time QR code, which you must show to the camera in order to securely transmit the network ID, WiFi password, and security token to the camera. 
The #bosch Smart Cameras app lets you control up to ten cameras (indoor and outdoor) and display all integrated cameras on your home screen. The app will be made available for Android and iOS at the same time as the product launch. You can also authorize friends to access the camera over the app, for example if they are keeping an eye on your home while you are away.

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