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settembre 15, 2016 - Bosch

At a glance: News about ECU diagnosis and new workshop equipment for automotive workshops

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ECU diagnosis

Besides all common interfaces, the latest generation of #bosch KTS-line diagnostic testers also support future Ethernet-based vehicle interfaces. In addition, the new KTS generation is equipped with a “PassThru Interface” allowing the usage of the vehicle manufacturers’ web portals when programming control units in accordance with Euro 5/6. Moreover, the computer performance of the KTS testers was improved considerably, the memory size increased significantly and the parallel operation of several vehicle interfaces facilitated. Using the new KTS 560 and KTS 590 ECU-diagnosis modules, up to three CAN interfaces and up to three K-line interfaces can be used simultaneously for the diagnosis. The special requirements of the manufacturer portals are thus partially supported.

The integrated KTS 350 all-in-one tester with its 10-inch touch screen also features all of the possibilities of the new KTS generation. The handy device for mobile use at the workshop comes with Esitronic 2.0 already preinstalled. A significantly more powerful processor than the predecessor’s one, four gigabytes of RAM and a quick 256-gigabytes SSD program memory combined with the current Windows 10 operating system ensure quick program starts and fast working.

The DCU 100 Diagnostic Control Unit also received a considerable performance upgrade. The robust 10-inch tablet computer for mobile workshop applications has also been equipped with a more powerful processor. Instead of a conventional hard disk, it now also features a 256-gigabytes SSD memory and four gigabytes of random access memory.

The Bosch Esitronic 2.0 workshop software is constantly improved and expanded. On test devices connected to the Internet, all updates will be downloaded in the background – that is, while the device is in use – from the first quarter 2017 onwards. In addition, by means ofEsitronic Web, an online diagnosis portal for repair and maintenance information is now available as well. Without having to install the software onto any workshop device, it allows retrieving, for instance, missing repair information. Another new feature at Esitronic is the new “EBR – Experience-Based Repair” program. In case a known error is detected during the diagnosis, Esitronic recommends the mechatronic a repair solution which has already proven to be a good remedy.

BEA 750 emission analysis

The BEA 750 emission tester substitutes the #bosch devices BEA 150/250/350 and completes the range of guideline-5-compliant devices. Specifically designed for exhaust-gas emission analyses, BEA 750 can be used highly economically. The new BEA 750 is equipped with the KTS 515 OBD module and a four-gas tester. In addition, the tried and tested BEA 070 opacimeter and BEA 030 for rotational-speed and temperature measurement are included as well. In order to prevent sophisticated adjustment of the tester settings at the workshop, the device comes preconfigured.

BAT 645 and BAT 690 battery chargers

By means of the new BAT 645 and 690 battery chargers, #bosch offers automotive workshops two universally applicable professional devices featuring 45 and 90 ampere of continuous output current. Automatically detecting the required nominal voltage, both chargers can be used for 12-volt and 24-volt batteries alike. As additional modes of operations, BAT 645 and BAT 690 feature both a back-up and a buffer mode. At the back-up mode, the charger ensures the vehicle’s power supply in case the starter battery has been removed. The buffer mode, on the other hand, is of increasing importance in everyday workshop life. In this case, the battery charger supports the on-board power supply, for instance, in case of control-unit updates.

Diesel test equipment

In the context of the homologation of the test of VDO diesel products, #bosch also offers a test option for VDO CR pumps for the EPS 815 and EPS 708 test benches as of 2017. A test option for VDO CR injectors is currently being developed. As soon as it is available, a respective information will be published.

Tire tread measurement TTM

The new #bosch TTM (Tire Tread Measurement) system automatically starts the measurement when rolling over the measurement device at a maximum speed of 8 km/h. Only seconds later, the precise tire tread depth of all four tires is displayed. The system works with color-coded measurement procedures and HD cameras. As usual with laser systems, the measurement method does not require any moving parts. This makes it highly resilient to external influences such as dust, vibrations, humidity and changing temperatures. In order to display the measured values, three different options are available. Using a smart TV screen next to the test station, even the customer can see the measured values. These can also be displayed on a workshop computer at the trolley or at a tablet computer for mobile measurements. The TTM system is available as on-floor version with an installation height of just 80 millimeters or as an underfloor version.

LTB 300

By means of the new LTB 300 vehicle test bay, #bosch offers an integrated workshop bay for different test purposes. In combination with the HTD 815 headlight tester, LTB 300 leveled vehicle test bay can be used for accurate headlight testing in accordance with the current general inspection test guideline. In addition, LTB 300 is equipped with turntables for the front axle. Using the FWA 4630/50 3D wheel alignment system, workshops can use the work bay to perform wheel alignments and to determine the geometric driving axle. These tasks, however, are prerequisites for the readjustment of driver assistance systems such as the distance control or the traffic-sign recognition by means of the DAS 1000 adjustment tool.

Tire service

Thanks to its compact design, the new WBE 4120 D electronic wheel balancer is particularly suitable for workshops with limited space. The device allows balancing tires of all types of vehicles – reaching from motorcycle and car to LCV tires. The internal “Alueasy” electronic measurement arm and the software bundle – including all statistic and dynamic balancing routines – ease work with the machine.

Another novelty to the #bosch range is the TCE 4400-22 tire changer with innovative G-Frame concept for increased stability. The device is equipped with two turntables for a 22-inch external rim clamping, pneumatic positioning and mounting-head locking as well as with an easy-to-operate bead breaker and the TCE 330 assistance post. This allows safe and easy fitting of all common standard and UHP sizes of tires.

Technical support and services

In October 2016, #bosch will launch a new Trouble Ticket System (TTS) allowing workshops to place a ticket about problematic cases of repair even more easily, intuitively and much quicker. At the same time, it includes an expanded search function for existing tickets and for the knowledge database. Ticket placement and editing can then be done on tablet computers or smartphones as well. This increases the mechanic’s flexibility at the workshop. And last but not least, the How2Fix app for Android and iOS smartphones is also upgraded by a new design and an improved search function for the knowledge database.

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