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settembre 26, 2016 - Sennheiser

Shaping the future of Audio

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Sennheiser and #neumann Put Focus on Recording Microphones and Immersive #audio at the 141st AES Convention

At the 141st AES Convention exhibition, which will take place at the #losangeles Convention Center from 29 September to 1 October, #sennheiser and #neumann (411, Room 503) will highlight a wide range of new and legacy microphones for various recording applications. Recently introduced models will include the Collectors Edition U 47 fet and versatile TLM 107 from #neumann, as well as the new MK 4 digital and the upcoming AMBEO VR Mic from #sennheiser. The topic of VR and AR also takes center stage at the AES’s AVAR Conference, which #sennheiser will be involved with. 

A full complement of classic recording microphones will also be on display: From #neumann, this will be the U87 Ai, TLM 67, KM 184 and several other recording staples. Recording microphones from #sennheiser will include the recently introduced MK 8 multi-pattern microphone, as well as classic models from the MKH range, which can be turned into digital microphones using the MZD 8000 digital module.

The booth will also feature a 9.1 monitoring set-up, consisting of #neumann KH 310 and KH 120 nearfields as well as KH 810 subwoofers. During the exhibition, #sennheiser will unveil a ‘design update’ to one of its most sought-after professional headphones – targeting the next generation of recording engineers and music production professionals.


Visitors to the #sennheiser and #neumann booth will have the opportunity to experience the promise of fully immersive #audio as recorded by #sennheiser using its AMBEO VR Mic in an AMBEO demonstration complete with 3D glasses – further closing the gap between #audio playback and reality. The AMBEO VR Mic, which is scheduled to become commercially available in November 2016, is an ideal tool for VR production, presented in a compact form factor.

As part of the #audio for Virtual and Augmented Reality Conference (AVAR), which the AES will hold in parallel to this year’s Convention, #sennheiser will participate in a panel on “Immersive Sound Capture for Cinematic Virtual Reality”, which takes place on October 1st from 11:30 to 12:30 in Theater Room 441. The panel will take a look at the technical and physical requirements that VR puts on location sound engineers and discuss the benefits and constraints of spatial ambience and point sources, finishing with an in-depth look at #audio monitoring for VR productions. Sofia Brazzola of #sennheiser Strategic Innovation commented: “Within the framework of our AMBEO 3D #audio program, we have been active in the VR production field for quite some time, developing the optimum solution for immersive #audio capture. We are therefore extremely happy to be chairing this exciting panel on Cinematic VR.”

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