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febbraio 15, 2017 - Citroen

With its ‘Scan MyCitroën’ mobile app, Citroën invents the connected on-board manual !

Many drivers feel lost when confronted with lengthy on-board instruction manuals. Given the above, and drawing inspiration more than ever from its customers, the Citroën brand has launched a new, free mobile #app available on iOS and Android:Scan MyCitroën
Truly a 'connected on-board manual', Scan MyCitroën makes life easier with its intuitive and and interactive features: indicator light directory, visual search and an extremely practical 'scan' function which, via a #smartphone camera, is able to recognise a vehicle item and explain its operation instantly!
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"What's that indicator light for?", "How do I turn on my fog lights?", "How do I lower my seats?" etc. Which driver has never felt lost when looking for an answer to a question about their car in an on-board instruction manual hundreds of pages long?

At Citroën, there's a ‘Feel Good’ answer to every vehicle-based question! More than ever inspired by its customers, the Brand has launched Scan MyCitroën. 100% free of charge, this mobile #app, available on iOS and Android constitutes a 'connected on-board manual' that makes life that little bit easier, with its intuitive and interactive features:

  • the 'scan' function: used in combination with a #smartphone camera, this function automatically recognises the part of the car that the user points the lens at (for example, the control buttons of the steering wheel) and displays the relevant fact sheet and user instructions!
  • the visual search function: by simply zooming in on the various images displayed (car interior and exterior), you can access the content of the fact sheet on the specific area focussed in on.
  • indicator light directory: a gallery containing all of the car's indicator lights. Once you have found the desired light by taking a quick look at the gallery, simply click on it to find out what it means and the relevant instructions.

Scan MyCitroën is currently available on the C1, New C3, C4 Cactus, New C4 Picasso and Grand C4 Picasso. The #app is translated into 28 languages and will be deployed worldwide by the end of the first quarter of 2017.

In keeping with the MyCitroën app, Scan MyCitroën enhances the new brand experience offered by Citroën, for improved customer well-being.

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