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marzo 16, 2017 - Lexus

Lexus Launches the New 'LC' Luxury Coupe The Flagship Coupe Symbolizes the Dawn of a New Era for Lexus

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  • Unique design is based on the concept of the LF-LC
  • Adoption of the newly developed GA-L platform realizes a significantly agile, more refined driving experience
  • Utilizes the advanced technology including the world's first multi-stage hybrid system
  • Monozukuri (manufacturing) that leverages masterful craftsmanship and advanced production engineering

Tokyo, March 16, 2017―Lexus has launched the LC luxury #coupe across Japan on March 16.1

The LC is a flagship #coupe which represents the evolution of #lexus as a lifestyle brand which surprises and moves consumers. The LC achieves a unique design, with a smooth and satisfying performance. The #coupe is equipped with elements that will be seen in all other #lexus FR line-up models going forward. These include the GA-L platform, multi-stage hybrid system, Direct Shift-10AT as well as other advanced engineering, which also incorporates detailed finishes. #lexus aims to develop a car that offers a pleasurable driving experience which enhances the user's lifestyle.

The LC is priced between 13,000,000 Japanese Yen and 14,500,000 Japanese Yen, which is inclusive of consumption tax2.

Key features of the LCThe unique design is based on the concept of the LF-LC

Lexus developed this model based upon the ground-breaking design of the LF-LC concept car which was shown at the 2012 Detroit Motor Show. Leveraging the framework of a newly developed platform and harmonizing both the driving performance and design has enabled #lexus to achieve a new sense of ingenuity.

The design led by the GA-L platform helps to enhance the image of the LC as a high performance coupe
  • The LC achieves a strong profile with its low center of gravity, lower overall height, and wider body, thus expressing the agility of a #coupe with fenders which emphasize the four wheels, and a modulated yet solid geometry. Furthermore, it comprises of attractive surfaces and sharp lines throughout, enhancing the elegance expected of a luxury #coupe.
  • At the front, there is a continuous, accentuated design which extends from the base to the hood, integrating the spindle grill into the body. The newly developed ultra-compact LED triple-projector unit and the L-shaped LED clearance markers (with daylight functionality) have also been included. Altogether, they present a bold and elegant image.
  • The center of the rear employs a spindle design, incorporating the lines which flow from the front. The turning lamps, which extend vertically downward from the exterior of the tail lamps, as well as the low placement of muffler diffusers on both sides of the #coupe emphasizes its low center of gravity and spaciousness.
  • Eleven color options are available, including a newly developed Naples Yellow Contrast Layering, which accentuates the car's sportiness with the realization of a high intensity yellow for the exterior panels.

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