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marzo 21, 2017 - BMW

AAPC Sideprogram - Visit of the BMW Group Research and Innovation Centre in Munich (FIZ)

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One of the most important additions to the Research- and Innovation Center (FIZ) was the Aerodynamic Test Center (AVZ).
Built in 2006 and inaugurated in 2009, the AVZ was an investment of 170 million euros. It is used to test the aerodynamics of full-size vehicle models, prototypes and series vehicles. To reflect actual driving conditions as fully as possible, vehicles are fixed to a measuring point and exposed to an airstream 8 meters in diameter. Rollers beneath the wheels simulate their rotation, allowing the flow-split – the amount of air passing over, under and around the sides of the vehicle – to be measured. This method is much more efficient than that employed in conventional wind tunnels and allows the effects to be gauged on overall air resistance of detail optimizations, aerodynamic balance, and the supply and removal of cooling air. Maximum inflow velocity is 300 kilometers per hour. 

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