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maggio 31, 2017

XField Paintball 3, the authentic multiplayer paintball game, launches on Steam for PC

Realistic Paintball Game Features Pro-Style Strategic Competition with Six Exclusive League Licenses, Tournament Maps & Unique Paintball Physics

TOULOUSE, FRANCE – (MAY 30, 2017) – #xfieldpaintball Studio, the world’s leading creator of authentic paintball games, today announced that #xfieldpaintball 3, the first real-time multiplayer paintball game for #pc, has launched and is available on #steam for $29.99/€29.99. As seen in today’s launch trailer, XFP3 is a fast-paced, tactical first-person shooter (FPS) game where players try to lead their team to victory in online 5v5 matches. The game is officially licensed by 20 top paintball organizations and manufacturers and exclusively features the actual tournament layouts used in league competitions. This authenticity gives the ten million paintball participants worldwide their chance to “play like the pros” while giving FPS fans a new kind of competitive challenge.

In the sports-based FPS game, players use coordination, communication, and marksmanship to win matches. Winning takes team dynamics, strategy, and tactics as well as individual skill. An understanding of the parabolic arcs of paintballs that give the game an entirely different physics model from most shooter games is also important. Paintballs curve as they move toward their target, allowing players to rain down shots on players even if they have total cover—changing normal shooter game tactics. How the team covers the map to dominate key routes and execute cross-fire attacks is critical, as is prompt situation assessment, active movement, and swift decision making.

“For the first time outside of official league tournaments, paintball fans can enjoy the authentic experience of battling to lead their team to victory on the same arena maps played by the pros,” said Philippe Constant, President of #xfieldpaintball Studio. “XField Paintball 3 presents #pc gamers with an exciting new type of multiplayer FPS competition with unique parabolic paintball physics that change the way cover works in the context of dynamic team strategy and fast-paced matches that reward teamwork as much as shooting skill.”

Paintball is third-most popular extreme sport worldwide, with over ten million players participating per year. There are six major leagues worldwide, including NXL in the US and Millennium in Europe, and all six are exclusively licensed in the game. #xfieldpaintball Studio is deeply involved in the sport, and top players on the development team include Lead Community Manager, Loic Voulot, a two-time world champion and seven-time European champion. This immersion in the sport is reflected in the game’s ongoing commitment to adding tournament maps in the game as they are rolled out for actual league competitions in planned ongoing game updates. Fans as well as paintball athletes will be able to practice and compete on the actual maps that will be used in real life.

Before each XFP3 match, a captain is randomly selected to lead each team. The captain quickly sets the team strategy and assigns the roles of Rusher, Shooter, and Tactician to the five players. Each role gets certain bonuses—for instance, the Rusher gets enhanced speed—and each plays a different tactical role. In-game communication is handled via button presses with a unique twist: each communication costs a certain number of communication points, and points are limited for each match so players must choose carefully. Once the match starts, the action goes quickly with the winning team being the first to eliminate all adversaries, hit the buzzer on the enemy team’s side of the field, or have the best position at the end of round.

XField Paintball 3 is developed and published by #xfieldpaintball Studio, a mix of seasoned veterans and up and comers dedicated to making an innovative real-time multiplayer paintball game that delivers all the strategy and tactics of the paintball competition. The game is powered by the studio’s proprietary creation, a custom designed FPS-Sport multiplayer hybrid engine. To stay in touch with #xfieldpaintball Studio, follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.