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giugno 21, 2017 - Warner Bros

LEGO® Dimensions Teen Titans Go! Trailer

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Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment is calling on the Teen Titans team to join the world of LEGO® Dimensions™. To celebrate, WBIE has released an exciting #trailer providing a look at DC Super Heroes - Raven, Beast Boy and Starfire - along with a glimpse of the new Teen Titans Go! ™ Adventure World and Battle Arena.

To view the #trailer, please visit the WB Games UK YouTube channel at: https://youtu.be/fmZWVqmDqak

The Teen Titans Go!™ Fun Pack and Team Packis set to release in the UK on the 15th ofSeptember 2017 as part of the LEGO® Dimensions™ Wave 9 launch, alongside the Powerpuff Girls™  Team Pack and Fun Pack and the Beetlejuice™ Fun Pack. The Teen Titans Go! ™  packs access an exclusive in-game episode that can only be found in LEGO®Dimensions™.

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