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luglio 12, 2017 - Toyota

Full-Scale Operations Begin for Showcase Project to Supply Wind Power-Generated, Low-Carbon Hydrogen to Fuel Cell Forklifts

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A Japanese partnership, consisting of the Kanagawa Prefectural Government, the municipal governments of the cities of #yokohama and Kawasaki, Iwatani Corporation, Toshiba Corporation, #toyota Motor Corporation, #toyota Industries Corporation, #toyota Turbine and Systems, Inc., and Japan Environment Systems Co., Ltd. announced today that all facilities to be used in the FY2015 Regional Cooperation and Low-carbon Hydrogen Technology Demonstration Project commissioned by the Ministry of the Environment have been completed, and full-scale operations have commenced. The goal of the project is to implement and evaluate a low-carbon hydrogen supply chain which will utilize hydrogen produced from renewable energy in facilities along #tokyobay (in #yokohama and Kawasaki) to power forklifts. 

More information on the press release

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