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luglio 19, 2017

Wizards meet new indie friends in Tricky Towers!

Comunicato Stampa disponibile solo in lingua originale. 

Indie Friends Character Pack DLC and #xbox One Release Announced!

Amsterdam, The Netherlands – July 19, 2017 – WeirdBeard Games has not one but two #trickytowers announcements for today! First up a new character pack DLC, and secondly the developers just confirmed the #xbox One release for later this year..! 

Watch this trailer to see famous indie characters playing the magical block stacking puzzle game, #trickytowershttps://youtu.be/K0-MUhc29Kk  

Xbox Release 
The #xbox release will arrive later this year, and come with a whole new singleplayer game mode – this will be exclusive for the #xbox One at first, but will be rolled out to the PlayStation®4 and #pc versions of the game later for all our loyal fans to enjoy!  

Indie Friends DLC! 
This newly released character pack adds a wide selection of playable wizards to the game. Play as the rad(ioactive) Fish from Nuclear Throne, heavy metal Clunk from Awesomenauts, totally regular parent Octodad, Wolf Clan representative Thane from Armello, tap dancing Candy Man from Lethal League, and last but not least, the Last of the Order from TowerFall! 
WeirdBeard Co-founder Niels Monshouwer says “As indie developers share their love of making games, so do indie fans share a love of playing indie games. So this DLC seemed like a perfect way to bring everyone together.’’ 

You can get the Indie Friends DLC from the PlayStation®4 store, or on Steam where you can get a discount if you own Awesomenauts, Armello, Octodad, Nuclear Throne, TowerFall or Lethal League, with a 10% stacking discount for each of these games which you own. #trickytowers itself will also have a 60% discount! 

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