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luglio 21, 2017

Day of Infamy’s Free Dunkirk Update Premieres This Friday

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Inspired by the upcoming #christophernolan movie, New World Interactive is releasing its second free update for their highly-rated #pc shooter Day of Infamy on July 21st. The update includes two new maps featuring the evacuation of #dunkirk and #battleofbreville

"Our #dunkirk map offers a unique gameplay perspective by inverting the flow of battle so it ends on the beach instead of starting there," explains creative director Andrew #spearin.

"The Miracle of Dunkirk" was one of the biggest turning points of WWII. With the fate of the Allied forces hanging in the balance, a flotilla of civilian crafts helped evacuate 338,226 troops that were cut off and surrounded on the beach of #dunkirk, France.

More information on the press release

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