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settembre 11, 2017 - Square Enix

Hitman: Sniper X Just Cause 3

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Welcome to Medici, Agent 47 – Worlds Collide in #squareenix Montréal’s Competitive Sniper Game UpdateMontréal (September 8, 2017) - Square Enix® Montréal releases a new, free Just Cause 3™ themed update for its competitive mobile shooter, Hitman: Sniper™.
Available from today, the new update sees Agent 47™ transported to the Mediterranean republic of Medici. Here, players will be granted access to Rico Rodriguez’s sniper rifle – the Final Argument – a brand new weapon to dispatch their targets with two new abilities from the Just Cause universe: sticky rocket mines and explosive tether. The unique weapon also boasts the Chaos passive perk that makes every interactive object explosive!

Watch the Hitman: Sniper X Just Cause 3 trailer here.

To unlock the Just Cause 3 content, snipers will need to complete different tasks – sharing a video on Everyplay, get to Rank 3 and invite friends to play Hitman: Sniper.
With over 7.5 million players, Hitman: Sniper is cementing its position as the most compelling sniper experience on mobile and tablets. The #squareenix Montreal title charted as the number 1 top paid #app in China for over 12 weeks in 2017 and has been regularly featured in top charts across the world. The title has received over 20 content updates in the past two years, and players can expect more of these in the coming months.
For more information on Hitman: Sniper, go to https://www.facebook.com/HitmanSniperOfficial/  and www.hitmansniper.com . Learn more about #squareenix Montréal at www.square-enix-montreal.com  and #squareenix at http://www.square-enix.com.

Download now:
• On the #app Store: http://apple.co/1KEHItY
• On Google Play: http://bit.ly/1Q7vFvZ  
Access new key art here.
About Hitman: Sniper
HITMAN: SNIPER is a competitive sniper game for #ios and #android with numerous missions full of creative opportunities to manipulate guards, the environment, and targets to complete the hit. Take on the role of Agent 47 and scope in on your marks using skill, subtlety, smarts and subterfuge to complete your contracts. Spend your hard-earned blood money on a wealth of powerful rifles and authentic, game-changing upgrades. Engage your friends in leaderboard driven challenges and prove you have what it takes to be the deadliest marksman around. The Death Valley Challenge Mode will push players to master a completely new environment with a fast-paced, nerve-wracking, wave-based zombie survival game mode that will challenge their mechanical skills and reactivity.

About Just Cause 3
The Mediterranean Republic of Medici is suffering under the brutal control of General Di Ravello, a dictator with an insatiable appetite for power. Enter Rico Rodriguez, a man on a mission to destroy the General’s hold on power by any means necessary. With over 400 square miles of complete freedom from sky to seabed and a huge arsenal of weaponry, gadgets and vehicles, prepare to unleash chaos in the most creative and explosive ways you can imagine.

Official Homepage: justcause.com
Official Facebook® Page: facebook.com/JustCause
Official YouTube Channel: youtube.com/c/JustCauseGame
Follow @JustCause on Twitter®: twitter.com/JustCause

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