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aprile 09, 2018 - Sennheiser

Evolution wireless G4: evolving with you

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evolution #wireless #g4 retains all of G3’s best features while simultaneously providing many system improvements.

More Power

evolution #wireless #g4 features more #power than its predecessor. The 300, 500 and IEM series offer increased RF #power, up to 50 mW, for greater transmission range. The portable Broadcast & Film sets benefit from 8 hours of battery #power.

More Bandwith

G4 exceeds expectations with increased switching bandwidth of up to 88 MHz in the 300 and 500 series.

More Flexibility

G4 offers full flexibility for a wide range of possible applications: live sound, in-ear monitoring, portable solutions for ENG and professional film productions. It is mobile, always on air, and evolves with users and their demands.

Quicker Setup

G4’s 100 series systems can be daisy chained for fast, coordinated setup via a new linking function. G4’s intuitive LCD and OLED displays make the lives of engineers easier in any environment.

Further information in the press release to download