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The Prime Suspect? A Painting! Decipher a Gripping Mystery in TANGLE TOWER

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– Uncover the eerie secrets of #tangletower on October 10th!-

SFB Games is proud to announce that the enthralling mystery game #tangletower, already available on Apple Arcade, will be launching on Steam and Nintendo #switch on October 10th. Investigate a curious murder case at #tangletower, an ominous mansion where secrets lurk in the darkest corners. Hunt for clues, interrogate eccentric suspects and untangle many brain-twisting puzzles!

A shocking murder has taken place in the highest room of #tangletower. The lead suspect is a shadowy figure, found looming over the victim’s body. The only problem – it’s not a person… it’s a painting! Will you be able to solve this bizarre mystery and uncover the secrets of Tangle Tower?

Enjoy Tangle Tower’s beautiful digitally-painted world and become enchanted by its atmospheric original orchestral soundtrack. Decode a murder mystery brought to life by fully voiced and animated characters, bearing the artistic hallmarks of previous #sfbgames titles (Detective Grimoire, Haunt the House, Snipperclips).

Tangle Tower will be available on Steam and Nintendo #switch for €16.79. It is now also available on Apple Arcade.

For more information, please visit the Steam page here. You can also access #tangletower on Apple Arcade here.

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