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agosto 05, 2022 - Top Hat Studios

Frogun Hops onto PC, Nintendo Switch, Xbox Series X/S, PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 Today

Comunicato Stampa disponibile solo in lingua originale. 

The cute, colorful, wholesome adventure is available today in digital format for all major platforms, and with pre-orders for physical copies open

Philadelphia, 2 August 2022. Publisher #tophatstudios, in conjunction with developer Molegato, launch their charming, highly anticipated platforming adventure Frogun today on #pc (Steam, GoG, EGS), Nintendo Switch, #xbox One and Series X|S, and #playstation 4/5. Frogun is a nostalgic 3D platformer where players take on the role of Renata, a little girl with an unusual sidekick, a frog that’s a gun - the #frogun - but also her best friend.

In Frogun, players take on the role of Renata as she sets out to rescue her parents, who became lost venturing into Beezlebub’s ancient ruins. Luckily, they left behind their latest invention – the #frogun, an intelligent, frog-shaped grappling tool. Through mystical jungle ruins, dark depths, freezing snow caps, and scorching lava swamps, you’ll hunt for treasure, dodge perilous hazards, and fight dastardly bosses along the way in Frogun.

Full of things to do over 40 levels across six unique themed worlds, the game is stuffed with collectables - ranging from coins, explorer’s notes, unlockable cosmetics, special emeralds, and medals aplenty – Frogun has plenty to discover. Upon 100% completion of the game, players can unlock an expert time trials mode which provides a set of pro times to beat for each level and should serve as a speed runner’s dream.

Digitally, the game is in 2 editions with a 20% discount for launch – the base game ($14.99) and a Digital Deluxe edition ($24.99), which adds various extra goodies such as a 50 page artbook with BTS peeks and concepts, a digital manual, and original soundtrack.

The physical copy of the game contains all digital extras in-game included on-disc or cart, with a Collector’s Edition adding extra swag for collection enthusiasts!

Frogun Features:

  • Explore colorful levels full of crispy pixelated ruins, freezing snow caps, and scorching lava swamps in a modern representation of the classic 90s 3D platformer aesthetic
  • From levers to buttons, lethal traps, and adorable enemies, there are countless ways to use your #frogun to navigate the world
  • Race across levels against Renata's rival and take on the challenge of huge bosses
  • Find secret areas and shortcuts by mastering the grappling mechanics
  • Collect emblems by fulfilling level challenges
  • Visit the hatter to trade your coins for hats, bestiary entries, behind-the-scenes looks at concept art, and more
  • Unlock 2-player duel arenas to challenge your friends
  • Over 30 achievements available on all platforms, with an in-game medal viewer for Switch
  • A posable photo mode to show off your creativity!


All physical versions of the game will not require an internet connection or download.


  • Includes a physical copy of #frogun (manual inclusive)


  • Includes a physical copy of #frogun (manual inclusive)
  • Collector’s cover box with special hand-drawn watercolor art
  • Reversible 18x24 poster
  • Original Soundtrack
  • Sticker Sheet
  • Artbook


Frogun launches today, the 2nd of August on #pc at 10am Eastern/3pm UK time. On consoles - #playstation 4, #playstation 5, #xbox One & Series S|X, and Nintendo Switch - the game will launch at 12pm Eastern/5pm UK time. Pre-orders for the physical editions of the game also open at selected retailers in North America and Limited Run Games direct order.

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